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to Level Eight

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Where we believe that the quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of your business. Let's grow together.

Vision of Level Eight

Level Eight is an exclusive service serving real estate teams and organizations nationwide. Consisting of eight distinct companies crafted by leading consultants, we are devoted to fostering a culture that creates mutually beneficial partnerships between Level Eight and its clients. Our commitment lies in nurturing the growth and future of our clients.

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Let Us Help You Maximize your Real Estate Business.

Our exclusive 30-day business review is our consultation program that will analyze your business, optimize processes, and provide a play for growth and increased profitability.

Our Companies

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CRM Management, Lead Generation,  Lead Conversion, ISA/OSA, Reporting & Tracking


KPA & DISC, CV Process, Retention, Leadership Development, Expansion

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Online Training, Live Bootcamps, Team Events, Coaching Programs, Coaching Development

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Contract to Close, Listing Management, 5 Star Reviews, Bookkeeping, Human Resources


Joint Ventures, Wealth Building, Partnerships, Tax Strategies, Financial Planning


Digital Marketing, Print Marketing, Client Events, Campaigns, Agent Services


Leasing Placement, Tenant Management, Rents & Repairs


Sales, Economic Model Process Management, Presentations, Sales Leadership

Kellie Sallis

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